On the red carpet, on the film set, at a premiere or at a panel discussion: We ensure charismatic and appealing moderations.

Europapremiere THE MARTIAN, London 2015

Set Visit HEIDI, Latsch 2015

Set Visit THE INTERNSHIP, Mountain View 2013

Filmfestival Locarno, 2015

Weltpremiere SKYFALL, London 2012

Europapremiere WRECK IT RALPH, Paris 2012

Schweizer Filmpreis QUARTZ, Luzern 2011

Filmfestival Cannes, 2011

Studiobesuch TOY-STORY 3, San Francisco 2010

Schweizer Premiere INVICTUS, Zürich 2009

Buchvernissage HOLLYWOOD IN CANNES, Baden 2009

Konzert A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES, Dottikon 2009

Filmfestival Cannes, 2008

Sendung KINO, 2006 bis heute